About LMD Industries

LMD Industries is the leading distributor of promotional brand name colognes, cosmetics, perfumes and related items. We sell to retailers and distributors throughout the world.

We represent the major cosmetic companies for their excess and obsolete inventories. Our ability to purchase large inventories enable us to service the smallest and largest discounters in the world.

LMD Industries has been selling only branded products since 1973. We believe service is our number one priority, and we are here to serve the customer. We are simply a Fax or Email away. We only carry branded product. We do not carry alternative imitations or knock-off brands.

For those familiar with LMD, we have laid the site out to mirror our print catalog, with all of our new items at the end of the site. For those of you who do not know us, please feel free to browse the entire site, so that you do not miss any product that you might be looking for.